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The TQPQ Series

An Original Results Oriented Sales Training

Sales Builders' ultimate training goal is to increase your company's ability to find business. The courses in the TQPQ series teach a consultative sales methodology, as well as new techniques for finding and controlling prospects. These skills can be easily applied by reps and managers.

Professional Sales Development in 10 countries with Unsurpassed Results

Sales Builders offers effective Organization Assessment-Executive Partnership-Results Orientated Sales Training-Online Reinforcement. By developing an  exclusive, customized results oriented program, we change your sales team’s behaviors, thought processes, actions, language, and most importantly, their results. We don’t believe in “one-size fits all” when it comes to sales training. Sales Builders delivers a customized sales training program to address our client’s unique challenges and needs.  Here are a few of the areas we provide expertise and guidance in changing:

"Our new sales are up 90% and our average selling price is up 44% since we adopted the
Transformational Quid Pro Quo approach!"
~Rick Marquadt - Executive Vice President, Ross Systems

Transformational QPQ Selling (2 days)

Practical and measurable sales approach, teaching reps how to the control the sales cycle with a true consultative sales approach while employing an authentic franchise mentality.

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TQPQ Lead Generation (1 day)

Teaches reps how to create and find new sales opportunities without relying on corporate marketing. 98% of sales people have not been formally trained on how to proactively generate their own leads and effectively build their pipeline. This course will eliminate this excuse: “I can’t succeed because I don’t get enough leads

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Selling Value to Executives (1 day)

This course will push your team out of their comfort zones and give them the skills they desperately need to sell at the highest levels of the organization. In today's business environment decision makers need personal and professional value. The best sales skills or approach, even the TQPQ approach, are not effective when applied to people who can't make a buying decision. As economic conditions become more challenging sales people have to improve their approach and really focus on the value they offer executives decision makers.

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Transformational QPQ Selling for Project Managers (2 days)

EVERYONE NEEDS to SELL! Project Managers & Account Managers are your company's "Trojan Horses." They are not trained in sales and do not want to be perceived as sales people. We totally relate to their day-to-day customer issues. We teach them to identify sales opportunities, extend their engagements, and improve relationships with clients.

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TQPQ Sales Management (2 days)

Sales Builders offers sales management training to improve capabilities in sales coaching, interviewing, interpersonal skills, and personal development. Sales Builders provides specialized consulting services in which our highly experienced training and management consultants work with you to analyze your specific needs.

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"Charting Your Course for Sales Success"