Speaking Engagements


Bob Beck is a speaker, bestselling author, trainer and trusted advisor to many organizations around the world. His talks are inspiring and meaningful that spans all industries. Groups he has addressed range from the NFL Players Association, the banking industry, software industry, healthcare, and everything in between. He has over twenty-eight years of experience in creating, expanding, and running organizations with an unsurpassed record of accomplishment of success. Having been on the ground floor with three self-funded start-ups as a senior executive and leading their growth through IPO, he is truly a unique resource. He is a former board member and is an executive partner to several firms.

John Corley is an accomplished career sales executive who is experienced in building productive sales organizations. He has successfully led several sales operations through sales transformation, organizational and cultural change. Recognized for his expertise in building customer relationships, sales leadership, sales process, sales strategy, and consultative selling, Mr. Corley has hired, trained and developed hundreds of sales professionals in multiple industries.  Over the past 35 years he has worked closely with numerous corporate clients across the United States, allowing him to gain a deep understanding of current business trends and client business needs in multiple industries.  John is highly regarded for his engaging personality and unique ability to relate “real-world” situations to his audience to make the learning experience memorable and enjoyable.

Gail Rutkousky is a multi-talented sales executive with a diverse background in sales management, alliances/ business development and supply chain. This broad view of sales, partner management  and operations has given Gail a unique ability to understand and collaborate with a company’s core culture while using her experience to explore new  transformational sales approaches. She has effectively coached and developed sales teams to utilize both tactical and strategic sales methods, implement best practices and nurture customer engagement abilities.  Ms. Rutkousky has worked globally with numerous industries and has successfully built OEM, B2B, channel and distribution sales organizations. Gail’s ability to relate to her audience makes her speaking engagements inspirational.  

Sample Topics for Keynote Speaking

Gaining Mutual Respect With Prospects and Clients
Unfortunately, too many sales professionals set themselves up for a subservient relationship with buyers. They base their fundamental sales approach around the notion that people buy from people they like. They buy much more from people they respect and perceive as equals! The question is how can we gain this status and develop relationships with prospects and clients on Mutual Respect? This compelling 60-90 minute speech by Bob Beck will answer this question and change the behavior of how you interact with prospects and clients. 

The Attributes of Success 
This is an inspiring and thought provoking look at what it takes to enjoy success on a consistent basis. It will challenge you to get out of your comfort zone and extend your reach to try new things. This 90- minute talk will explore what we know and may not be executing on a regular basis while at the same time offer some new thoughts how you can enjoy the success you want.

Successful Business Planning

Every individual as well as every company around the world knows where they would like to end up. Most have a goal in mind of what they would like to achieve. The issue is, how do we get there? Many sales professionals have territory plan, account plans, etc. Few people seldom take the time nor understand how to build a plan at the level required to achieve their objectives. In this 60-90 minute talk Beck explores the benefits and suggests how you can develop a repeatable and measurable plan that will provide the results you need and want.

Selling in a Tough Market 

The market has changed; the world around us has changed too. It only makes sense you learn how to change your actions, your sales approach and your attitude if you are going to achieve the consistent results you want! In this 60-90 – minute talk Beck will make you sit up and take a personal inventory of what you are or aren’t doing to change with the times. He will get you to rethink the traditional activities you might be spending your time on. You can learn not only how to survive but how to thrive in a tough market! If you are not getting the results you want in the current market it is worth investing in yourself, your career and business to learn new skills, new methods, and a be offered a fresh perspective on selling. 

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