Transformational TQPQ - Reinforce/Enable/Analysis

Training and skills development is a prudent part of any business. To reinforce the learning and newfound skills, Sales Builders offers the latest methods enforcement, enablement, and analysis to ensure your team receives the full benefit of your investment.

Sales Builders keeps a pulse on your sales organization, capturing dynamic data on the retention of every rep, every day. We do this by engaging your team in scenario-based challenges delivered to their mobile device. A sophisticated analytics engine takes it from there, providing insights that ensure your sales team is fully aligned, engaged, and ready to win. With Sales Builders, sales reps take 3 minutes a day on their mobile device or laptop. Simple, scenario-based questions challenge users and keep their knowledge sharp. Built-in game mechanics drive user engagement and keep them coming back for more. Sales Builders stream uses an interval reinforcement methodology that is scientifically proven to increase knowledge retention from 3 months to 2 years, and changes even ingrained on-the-job performance. Sales Builders stream incorporates the “spacing” and “testing” effects into a simple, mobile delivery platform to produce tremendous results.

The Learning Curve

The assumption that if you learn something it is retained and can be recalled is simply false. This has been proven many times. Forgetting is a natural, physiological occurrence and must be factored into the Sales Builders teaching and learning process. The forgetting curve describes the dramatic drop off in knowledge retention over time. Studies will show that in as little as 30 days, up to 79% of knowledge is forgotten.

The Interval Approach

Interval reinforcement is a proven way to combat forgetting and reinforce the learning. The spacing effect indicates that you can significantly increase knowledge retention if you present information and reinforce it over spaced intervals of time. There is a proven neurophysiological basis for the spacing eapproach. Learning over time enhances memory and the survival of new neurons. It increases the efficiency of the uptake of information and encodes the information so that it is preferentially retained.

The Testing Effect

Testing, or retrieval practice, is an active learning process that can dramatically improve knowledge retention when combined with immediate answer feedback. This process is known as the testing effect. Studies comparing the testing effect to passive learning without testing (reading, watching a video) and conceptual mapping (drawing diagrams to relate concepts) show that testing is the most effective approach.


In addition, spaced reinforcement is extremely well-accepted by participants.

The interval reinforcement methodology to Sales Builders selling approach is content- from our workshop. The full multimedia capabilities of the Internet can be harnessed to create a rich and effective user experiences. Certification-Ongoing Follow Up-Management Dash Board Reporting

Powerful Data Collection Engine

Sales Builders’s data collection engine captures dozens of critical data points on a daily basis and instantly transforms them into actionable insights that can be combined with sales performance metrics and other data for a complete picture of field force capabilities.

Real-time Dashboards

A management dashboard puts real-time data at your fingertips. Comparing results over time and across groups lets managers continuously monitor sales force strengths and proactively respond to issues before they can impact personal demand creation and sales volumes.

Detailed Management Reports

A range of summary and detailed reports highlight activity levels and opportunities for customized sales coaching. Report access can be configured to allow management at all levels of the organization to access information about their teams.

Sales Builders Performance Benchmark

Sales Builders is an onboard metric used to rate the capabilities of an individual sales rep or team by calculating engagement and performance scores into a single number. Managers can use Sales Builders’s benchmarking to observe relative changes in performance.