Sales Test Is YOUR Sales Force Truly Effective

Try to answer the questions below to test your Sales Readiness.

If any of these questions are hard to answer, or the answers that come to mind seem unsatisfactory, then SALES BUILDERS can help you!

  1. How are prospects qualified?
  2. How accurate are your sales forecasts?
  3. What is the average discount persale?
  4. What sales methodology do you follow?
  5. What should the average contract price be?
  6. How do you forecast sales?
  7. How long is your sales cycle?
  8. How long should your sales cycle be?
  9. How much does it cost to generate one new customer?
  10. What are the top five competitive advantages you enjoy?
  11. How many leads does it take to produce one new customer?
  12. How many people are involved in selling a new customer?
  13. What do your competitors say about your solutions/organization?
  14. How many presentations/demonstrations does it take to close one sale?
  15. How many new sales opportunities do your reps generate themselves?
  16. What steps are involved in selling to a new customer from lead to close?

Complete the questionnaire above and receive a 10% discount on sales training when you purchase a class within 90 days!


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