Sales Builders is a dedicated professional development firm that offers organizational assessment, training, and consulting. Everything we provided is geared to help organizations transform and thrive, while improving your sales results. We’re architects of change and builders of constancy. We’re pioneers of innovation and masters in sales transformation.


P10 is a program that focuses on collecting all of the relevant information needed to begin a thorough evaluation and assessment of your current situation, opportunities, barriers, goals, and potential gaps. We explore all aspects of your business. What we’re looking for is your true culture. We look at our client’s current initiatives, objectives and ability adapt to the imminent changes that lie ahead. There is tremendous power in this 10-step program which is conducted by Sales Builders’s expert staff.

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Many organizations benefit from having an experienced outside perspective from an expert who is trained in reinforcing the tactics learned in the Transformational QPQ Selling course. Many of the concepts, tactics and the approach in general are very different. Sales professionals and managers find tremendous value in reviewing their opportunities and sales pursuits regularly to receive advice from an expert and get an outside perspective. At the same time they discover new ways to leverage their new found TQPQ knowledge.

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TQPQ stream of reinforcement question and techniques was developed at Harvard Medical School and is proven to increase long-term knowledge retention. Training and skills development are a prudent part of any business. To reinforce the learning and newfound skills, Sales Builders offers the latest methods enforcement, enablement, and analysis to ensure your team receives the full benefit of your investment.

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Professional Sales Development in 10 countries with Unsurpassed Results

Sales Builders offers effective Organizational Assessment-Executive Partnership-Results Oriented Sales Training and Online Reinforcement. We don’t believe “one-size fits all” when it comes to sales training. Sales Builders delivers a customized sales training program to address our client’s unique challenges and needs. By developing an exclusive results oriented program we change your sales team’s behaviors, thought processes, actions, language, and most importantly, their results. Here are a few of the areas we provide expertise and guidance in changing:

  • Costly Sales Pursuits that result in No Decision
  • Learning a Disciplined Qualification Processes
  • Transitioning from Sales People to be Trusted Advisors
  • Relating to the Decision Makers
  • Establishing Relationships based on Mutual Respect 
  • Controlling the Sales Cycle
  • Not being in Subservient Positions with Prospects
  • Creating Collaboration

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"I considered myself a sales expert, but after learning the Transformational Selling approach I can say without hesitation, I've been schooled. In my position I have seen many types of training courses.  Your passion, style and knowledge of what reps deal with day in and day out was impressive. Keeping the group engaged was also something I was happy to see. This training will net important results for everyone that attended the course.  The value of any training is only as good as the buy-in you get from the people that attend.  I've seen too many training courses where people just listen and learn for the moment.  The tactics we learned will have a big impact throughout our organization. Everyone told me they took away new techniques that they will leverage in their sales pursuits. I'm confident that the knowledge and the value we have received will pay dividends for years to come."

Tracy Lyn Cheetal - Executive VP

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